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Proactively Manage Mission-critical Applications

Application Lifecycle Management Intro

As the role of technology in business changes from business enabler to business transformer, the range and complexity of systems and our dependence on them also increase. Systems and applications must continuously adapt to changes due to market conditions, customer demands, new technologies, regulations and competitive threats. To respond, IT and business organizations must address the need for stability, performance, functionality and usability across an IT ecosystem of legacy, hosted, proprietary and cloud systems – and to do so in a way that maximizes the business value of these systems without unnecessary cost escalation, disruption to your business, loss of revenue, or customer complaints.

Xoriant Application Lifecycle Management: No Time for Downtime

Xoriant provides comprehensive lifecycle support for your applications. Our experience in software and systems technology development and management, along with our pedigree in application development, ensures rigorous, comprehensive management and reporting throughout the application lifecycle.

Assessment and Audit

Assessment and Audit

Xoriant Application Assessment and Audit Services provide packaged and customized services for evaluating enterprise applications. As the role of technology in business changes from business enabler to business transformer, your enterprise must ensure that all the moving parts of your infrastructure are working at optimum speed and efficiency. Our Xoriant experts will provide that level of confidence by auditing each target application against a series of benchmarks and criteria, providing: 

  • Analysis and evaluation of the architecture, security, and performance 
  • A detailed written report of the identified issues
  • Recommendations for addressing the issues

Considering the rapid evolution of modern applications, these audits can help prevent serious performance and interoperability issues.

Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

These Xoriant services include application support, technical and functional maintenance, as well as continuous enhancements. We begin with corrective, incidence-based maintenance, evolving to adaptive and preventive maintenance. Our teams work with our clients to ensure their maintenance services enhance application stability and reduce support overhead and total-cost-of-ownership (TCO). The processes include building simplified knowledge management models that document application features, functionality and work processes, including:

  • Incident logging and documentation
  • Incident Investigation
  • Troubleshooting and resolution 
  • Incident Management
  • Knowledge base enhancement to reduce incidence occurrence
Application Enhancement

Application Enhancement

Xoriant Application Enhancement Services employs a proven process for enhancing and extending the lifetime value of an application. Rather than simply responding to ad hoc change requests, Xoriant’s systematic enhancement program focuses on improving all aspects of an application enhancement, including: 

  • Functional uplift
  • Regulatory changes
  • Technology/infrastructure-related changes
  • Request for Change (RFC) Implementations

The end result for the client is an application with optimized cost of operation, enhanced business functionality, increased lifespan value, and ongoing regulatory compliance.

Application and System Migration

Application and System Migration

Planning migrations to improve access and performance or interoperability? Xoriant brings decades of migration experience. Our Xoriant migration experts can help you evaluate the viability of migration and the type and scop of modifications required to reduce risks and costs related to new architectures, languages and databases, and operating environments, including cloud IaaS, PaaS and SaaS platforms. 

Xoriant migration services include:

  • Integration and enhancement of legacy systems with new technology architectures
  • Migration of systems to new architectures, languages, databases and web-based environments
  • Migrating legacy or existing applications to a new operating environment, including cloud and SaaS platforms


Performance Management and Tuning

Performance Management and Tuning

End-to-end application performance is dependent on the complex interactions between multi-tier applications, servers, storage and network infrastructure. Through our decades of experience in building, deploying, managing and tuning large-scale systems and applications, Xoriant professionals have developed a knowledge base and rigorous practice which includes: 

  • Application baseline performance analysis
  • Application performance testing and evaluation
  • Server consolidation and virtualization analysis
  • Troubleshooting and root cause analysis 
  • Performance monitoring, alerting, trending, and analysis
  • Cloud readiness performance assessment
  • Data center consolidation performance strategy
Security Analysis, Enhancement, and Testing

Security Analysis, Enhancement, and Testing

Xoriant’s security services include detailed reviews, assessments, enhancements and continuous maintenance. In an age of digital connectivity, threats to IT infrastructure, applications and data security continue to escalate. Fines, brand damage, customer abandonment, and loss of revenue and IP assets can cripple an organization permanently. 

With the exploding cyberthreat landscape and IT talent drought, many organizations see a major a need for an end-to-end set of services that establishes a firm baseline for IT security and is continuously enhanced as threats escalate, new technologies become available, and security standards are updated.

Xoriant’s comprehensive application security services encompass:  

  • Business security requirements 
  • Software development best practices 
  • Operational security application frameworks for identity, access, business continuity and monitoring

Our Security Review and Enhancement Process includes the following steps, which are repeated on a continuous basis:

  • Feature identification
  • Vulnerabilities assessment & prioritization
  • Planning, analysis & execution
  • Bug fixes
  • Reporting & recommendations

For more details visit the Security Overview  page


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