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In the last part of the blog, we looked at the six reasons why software products need quality enhancement. In this part of the blog, we will walk you through about specialized testing and how software engineering teams can leverage specialized testing to help modern products enhance their quality.

To meet the evolving demands of modern customers and stay ahead in today’s competitive market, businesses have to make the best use of the latest and best next-gen technological advancements to enable a cycle of innovation across the digital product development process.

What’s Special About Specialized Testing?

Specialized Testing empowers teams to meet the modern expectations of customers while keeping up with today’s frequently changing environment.

Using innovative technology and skill sets enables teams to overcome traditional software testing challenges while ensuring the products are in line with what customers need. Right from a responsive design and unmatched mobile capabilities, to seamless global usage, enhanced accessibility, flawless performance, and interrupted interoperability in any ecosystem the product is a part of.

Specialized Testing helps all kinds of organizations embed emerging technologies faster while enabling them to develop high-quality products at a rapid pace. It also helps fill the gap that traditional testing cannot fill through the use of modern tools, engineering frameworks, and add-ons. Using Specialized Testing, teams can meet the overwhelming demands of customers across emerging technologies such as robotic process automation, IoT, blockchain, and more.

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Six Reasons How Specialized Testing Helps Drive Product Quality Enhancement

Here’s how specialized testing helps drive product quality enhancement:  

Adopt Test Strategies, Test Early & Often

As software product quality becomes a key competitive differentiator, Specialized Testing paves the way for early and effective detection of bugs by focusing on adopting testing strategies that emphasize testing early and often. Specialized Testing takes a modern approach to digital quality assurance, bringing in software testing into the core engineering process early on and allowing teams to deliver flawless end-user experiences via continuous and innovative testing methods.

Enable Frequent Communication

Specialized testing enables frequent communication between different teams across the SDLC, allowing for issues to be detected and resolved holistically. Since everyone is aware of the current status of the project as well as what activities different members are working on, there is a better chance of the product meeting the required quality standards.

6-Reasons-How Specialized-Testing-Drives-Product-Quality-Enhancement

Ensure Quality Across Development Process

Since it is not just the testing team that is working on resolving issues but every stakeholder, Specialized Testing ensures quality across the development process. By making every member responsible for the availability, reliability, and security of the product under development, it ensures high levels of performance and functionality in every ecosystem the product is a part of.

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Allow Customized Test Cases

Combining proven methods, processes, experience, and best practices and supported by best-in-class tooling, Specialized Testing allows for test cases to be customized. Using an integrated approach to testing, it ensures modern-day products, systems, applications, and platforms behave as per specifications and remain tightly integrated, secure, and compliant.

Automate & Accelerate Testing Process 

Specialized Testing also brings in automation to hasten the speed of testing as well as improve the quality of testing. Using modern automation framework designs that are built for web, mobile, desktop, and API applications, it accelerates the process of testing while enabling end-to-end integration testing across the length and breadth of the product ecosystem.

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Ensure Effective Risk Management

Lastly, using new-age operations assistant frameworks that have monitoring, alerting, and self-healing capabilities, Specialized Testing ensures effective risk management. Through constant monitoring of server, application URL, and database health on different platforms, it paves the way for proactive detection of bugs and issues while alerting the appropriate team for a quick resolution.

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Today’s modern software products require an innovative approach to digital quality assurance. Beyond delivering flawless omnichannel and multi-screen web, mobile, and desktop application validation, testing should encompass AI/ML, big data, security, multi-cloud, IoT, and BI, as well the various industry ecosystems in which your product participates.

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Xoriant has developed modern tools, processes, and frameworks to accelerate software release cycles using an integrated approach to testing and development. Our Continuous Quality Engineering platform coupled with a consultative approach ensures we fit within and augment your own quality engineering plans.

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