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As internet penetration, smartphone usage, and technological innovation touch new heights, the opportunities for independent software vendors (ISVs) to build and deliver cutting-edge software applications are growing by the day.

Reports suggest that the global software products market grew at a CAGR of 14.3% in 2022. By developing products that work seamlessly with modern technologies, customer processes, and third-party software, ISVs can boost efficiency, agility, and profits across several distinct integrated value chains and ecosystems.

To stay ahead of the technology curve, ISVs need to leverage advanced product engineering expertise to modernize products and systems. This will enable them to deliver the software customers need to be successful in the digital marketplace. This includes being scalable, secure, performing better and being usable.

Right from software product ideation to product development, cloud enablement, quality assurance, and maintenance and support, they need to be able to enhance the quality of the product they build – not just when it is being built but also long after it has been released into the market.

High Quality Software Products: The Constant Competitive Drive

Quality, speed, and agility in today’s customer-first world are of paramount importance to every organization delivering software products. As quality becomes a core requirement for customer satisfaction and business success, software development organizations have to constantly drive efforts in adopting strategies that can not only help them in delivering high-quality products but also enhance it as required over time. 

Product Quality Enhancement enables organizations to build high-quality products and maintain product quality as per current expectations, standards, and needs while helping them reduce the overall testing effort for significant ROI.

By using modern tools, processes, and frameworks, teams can accelerate software release cycles with an integrated approach to testing and development.

Six Reasons Why Product Quality Enhancement Matters

Let us look at the six core reasons why product quality enhancement matters for engineering teams. matters:

Maintain Functional Stability

Quality assurance is a critical requirement for ensuring that software products are stable and can accomplish tasks within defined conditions. Product Quality Enhancement allows teams to test the product at hand through constant monitoring and get recommendations on how best to maintain functional stability.  

Sustain Performance Efficiency

As software products experience widespread adoption, performance is likely to get impacted due to several thousand users using the product simultaneously. Product Quality Enhancement allows teams to get real-time insights into performance metrics, allowing for tweaks to be made, so products can continue to deliver unmatched performances.


Identify and Rectify Bugs on Time

As today’s bugs become increasingly costly to rectify, Product Quality Enhancement allows for quicker action to be taken to contain their impact while ensuring the product continues to perform as intended.

Outdo Competition

As new-age, tech-savvy start-ups enter the marketplace, product quality enhancement allows existing players to enhance the availability, security, performance, so they are at par with modern innovations being introduced by competitors 

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Along with business and market changes, customer needs and expectations also change. Product Quality Enhancement enables teams to keep up with these changes via quick alteration of test parameters to satisfy new needs. 

Keep Up With Evolving Requirements

As organizations struggle to cope up with sudden and unexpected changes, Product Quality Enhancement allows teams to keep up with evolving requirements, so the product can align with business, market, customer, and regulatory changes. 

Leapfrog Competition with Xoriant Digital Quality Assurance

Xoriant has developed modern tools, processes, and frameworks to accelerate software release cycles using an integrated approach to testing and development. Our Continuous Quality Engineering platform coupled with a consultative approach ensures we fit within and augment your own quality engineering plans. 

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