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Transform Documents Into Digital Assets

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Xoriant SmartCapture intuitively transforms time and cost-intensive, paper-based content into digital assets. It leverages best-of-breed OCR, machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) for extracting information. It captures, classifies, and converts data in any preferred textual format or construct (spreadsheets, nested tables, key-value pairs, etc). The content attributes are stored in structured databases. SmartCapture tools enable easy access, search and creation of reports & dashboards.

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How Does the Solution Work?

A holistic, end-to-end document digitization solution that is easy to use, integrates seamlessly with your current business processes, and can adapt and scale as your business grows. A graphical overview of how this solution works is represented below. This solution has found application in numerous use cases across verticals.

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  • Medical Claims
  • Patient Onboarding and Discharge
  • Prescription Processing
  • Health Records


  • Account Opening
  • Lending Applications
  • Investment Reports
  • Regulatory, Compliance


  • Claims
  • Processing
  • Underwriting
  • Enrollment Appraisals
  • Investigations


  • Benefit Management
  • Social Services
  • Permits And Licenses
  • Program Enrollment
  • Records Management


  • Account Opening
  • Permits and Planning
  • Correspondence
  • Applications
  • Regulatory, Compliance


  • Account Payable
  • Invoice Processing
  • Human resources
  • Licensing and Certification

OCR Insights

Automated Document Processing Workflows


Extract typed, handwritten, printed data from documents including PDFs, images, tables, etc. and provide inputs to automate business processes without human intervention, e.g., bank KYC processing, invoice processing, etc.

Automated Document Handling


Documents presented are recognized, classified, and appropriate templates are used for the extraction of information.

Smart Search


Extract data from documents and create a smart index to allow you to search through millions of documents quickly, e.g., financial statements, research papers, etc.

Visual Template Creation Interface


Create new templates to support new document types using a simple drag-and-drop interface.


Let's Talk About How Technologies Can Work for You

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Case Study

Enabled Scientists With Access to 99.5% Accurate Digitized Documents of Manually Processed Records.

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Case Study

Increased Operational Efficiency and Reduced TCO Using Document Digitization Solution Xoriant SmartCapture.