Capital Markets

Globalization, multitude of financial products generated due to innovations in product offerings and the risks associated with them, reams of regulations in multiple global regions and the commoditization of the financial services due to increasing competition has created significant demands on the business strategy and operations used in the capital markets, as well as the IT systems supporting them. Our teams have helped our global financial services clients effectively manage and optimize their portfolio positions and the risk and grow their business by improving the efficiency, transparency and control of their securities and derivatives trading and processing. Our teams have rendered to our clients visibility and control over the entire lifecycle of a trade by offering the whole continuum from pre-trade analysis to post-trade risk management, from high volume trading to complex structured products across multiple asset classes and geographies.

Some of the issues we have faced while developing and supporting the software systems for capital markets are:

  • Increasing complexity necessitated by changing industry dynamics and the resulting product mix
  • Need for higher transparency and compliance introduced by Introduction of more stringent regulation through Dodd-Frank, Basel III, EMIR, Solvency II and others.
  • Need for more visibility into “risk versus reward”, backed by hard numbers
  • Demands for better liquidity management and risk mitigation resulting from more strenuous OTC derivatives collateral demands
  • Constant demand for cost reduction, which is driving firms to focus on system consolidation, centralization and optimization in trade execution and operations
  • Demand to minimize client’s financing and operations costs by dynamically optimizing the resources across global financial players