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Client Background

Our client is a global food company, a leading producer and transporter of protein products with 150+ locations in rural America and around the world with a goal to responsibly meet today’s tastes while ensuring a more sustainable tomorrow.

The Challenge

With a commitment to delivering high quality meat products throughout the supply chain operations from processing to distribution, the client recognized the critical need for continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity in trucks and warehouses. 

Real-time Data Dilemma: Continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity in trucks and warehouses proved elusive due to the need for real-time, reliable data.

Temperature Tailoring: Maintaining specific temperatures for various meat cuts introduced complexity into logistics operations.

Quality Quandary: Supply chain issues resulted in reduced meat quality, substantial wastage, escalated costs, and diminished service standards.


In order to realize a digital supply chain business ecosystem powered by IoT sensors and automation, Xoriant was chosen as a technology partner to provide a comprehensive solution leveraging IoT in supply chain management:

IoT Infrastructure: A robust IoT integration infrastructure was implemented, facilitating real-time data acquisition via sensors.

Intelligent Algorithms: Smart algorithms interpreted data in real-time, enabling swift responses and proactive measures.

Communication Optimization: Seamless synchronization with diverse software platforms was achieved, enhancing communication and streamlining operations.

Real-time Visibility: The solution delivered a unified view across all supply chain levels, ensuring seamless data flow and transparency.

Business Outcomes

Waste Reduction: Proactive temperature monitoring drastically reduced meat wastage, leading to substantial cost savings and enhanced quality assurance.

Customer Satisfaction: Minimized product damage resulted in fewer complaints and substantial savings in customer service expenses.

Operational Efficiency: Supply chain operations were streamlined, with reductions in duplicates and false positives, optimizing resources and enhancing productivity.

Xoriant empowered the client to realize seamless supply chain operations, with IoT integration to proactively monitor temperature and humidity, ultimately reducing meat wastage and driving significant cost savings while ensuring top-tier product quality.

Technology Stack

Azure IoT | Azure Functions | Python | Azure SQL Database | Azure DevOps | Windows Forms

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