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Xoriant Storage Management Testing and Technical Support

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Storage Management Testing and Technical Support

Xoriant Storage Management Testing and Technical Support

Xoriant interoperability test lab provides configuration setups for SAN and NAS storage devices through rigorous test automation and performance measurement to a leading storage devices company in USA

Key Requirement

  • Our client was looking for a partner who would help plan and execute various activities of this technical operations lab by creating an offsite facility and bringing in the right expertise for the appropriate requirements
  • our client was looking for dual-shore solutions provided by a vendor who not only had the technical and domain expertise, but who could also provide near 24x7 support from the US as well as India (in a totally orthogonal time zone).Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Our client’s Technical Operations organization oversees the Enterprise Lab functions to ensure that their storage is compatible with a wide range of heterogeneous products and consistently reflects the client’s high standards for quality.
  • Xoriant has been working with the US location of this client from 2004. After establishing our partnership in the US operations, we established a dedicated center in India for our Client in 2007.Know More >>


  • Ability to deliver several more certified configurations in given time as compared to competition, with reduced overall cost of operation
  • Clearing of all Interoperability Lab pending backlog test requests and get current on sales/customer requests.Know More >>

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