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Xoriant SCM Product Module

Leading manufacturer of next-gen wireless devices automates its manufacturing and supply chain processes increasing its operational efficiency by generating reports and automated alerts for any problems occuring in the production line through a manufacturing and supply chain management system.

Key Requirements

  • Envisaging this engagement as an opportunity for innovation, the client sought to build a newer version of the product-not simply a duplicate of the existing product. The new product would offer substantial improvements in systems architecture, features, functionality, usability scalability and performance, and quality that encompassed global supportability.
  • High value assembling-trading companies-the initial target market for the client-typically deal with a large number and volumes of input component parts that result in moderate output volumes of very high value products. This requires the supply chain software to have the right data structure and data organization to be able to achieve the data accuracy, data granularity and acceptable performance.Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Xoriant proposed a Java/J2EE Swing architecture to ensure scalability, and ease of development and maintenance
  • The new productdevelopment by Xoriant included integrating functions of warehousing, inventory, shipment and forecasting on top of the existing SCM functionality
  • Xoriant also incorporated functionalities of advanced network dministration, workflow management and rules engine management.Know More >>


  • The client was able to meet the release date and announced capabilities of the product in a new market segment.
  • There was significant level of interest from new and existing customers, given the robust design and flexibility.Know More >>

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