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Xoriant OS Migration Case Study

Xoriant Marketing
Xoriant OS Migration

Xoriant OS Migration Case Study

Xoriant migrated existing licensed database and other applications to open source database and software, created migration guides to support this, tested and certified the migrated applications.

Key Requirement

  • The client wanted Xoriant to help promote open source technology by certifying leading business applications on their database technology.
  • The client also wanted Xoriant to come up with new migration guide in line with the latest architecture level changes; both in their database technologies and their competitors’ applications. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • The first initiative was to test and certify some of the open source applications on the client's database
  • The second initiative was preparing a migration guide. The client’s new customers were demanding a thorough technical guide to migrate their existing database to the client's database
  • Xoriant team evaluated many third party tools to certify and bring on board with the client database, increasing the footprint. Know More >>


  • Better sales as leading open source applications were certified on client technology
  • Improved brand image in market (specially in open source community). Know More >>

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