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Health Plan Comparison and Analytics System

Xoriant Marketing
Health Plan Comparison and Analytics System

Health Plan Comparison and Analytics System

Key Requirements

  • Processing and presenting data from third party like insurance providers
  • Implementing Apache module mod_ssl and OpenSSL for secure online financial transactions
  • Facility to post data in XML format. Know More >>

Key Contributions

  • To meet constant module enhancement requests, and to ease product upgrading challenges, Xoriant architects used Object-oriented programming concepts
  • Xoriant architects followed MVC architecture in the portal build-out. The framework uses Smarty to render the view and for model, and controller PEAR DB Data Object and PHP5 OOPS concepts
  • On the operational side, client-partner weekly conference calls, team meetings, monthly video conference and some of the scrum techniques like 'Team Creation'and 'Project Segmentation' delivered many advantages to this engagement. Know More >>


  • Resource planning was done in such a manner that the team size would increase in a phased manner. This brought down the total cost of the project
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance were handled by experienced members from Xoriant's centre of excellence for Quality, thereby reducing the testing cycle. Know More >>


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