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Xoriant Oracle App Case Study

Xoriant Marketing
Xoriant Oracle App Case Study

Xoriant Oracle App Case Study

A leading business integration and process management software vendor reduced errors and improved performance by 53% through an automated service contract system developed by Xoriant.

Key Requirement

  • Development and Customizations in the earlier system was not according to Oracle standards, due to which, Oracle support and upgrades were not possible.
  • Redevelopment of this system to incorporate Oracle standards was a major challenge Data of about 317 GB which was spread in three different databases: Excel spreadsheets, Oracle Apps database and Seibel, was to be aggregated into a single database Ensuring minimal downtime was critical, since this is a business critical online system. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Xoriant team proposed & implemented Forms Personalization solution of Oracle Apps to replace earlier customizations after analyzing the entire business processes and the current client customizations Data from the existing disparate databases were converted using PL/SQL to a single format of Service Contracts and stored in centralized Oracle Apps database Templates for sales reports and customer docs (like Packing docs, Customer Invoices, etc) were created/modified to meet SOX compliance.Know More >>


  • Contract processing time was greatly reduced thereby improving performance by 53% Service revenue leakage was drastically reduced to 1%.Know More >>

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