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Xoriant High Tech SCM

Xoriant Marketing
Xoriant High Tech SCM Case Study

Xoriant High Tech SCM

Xoriant developed a robust supply chain management system thus enabling a Hi-Tech client to help their retail, manufacturing customers to reduce inventory levels thereby optimizing their transportation, warehousing and transaction costs.

Key Requirement

  • Delay in delivery due to manual allocation to production lines
  • Lack of automated alerts in case of a problem in the production line
  • Lack of automated scheduling and rescheduling of the production process through software. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Xoriant team members created a simple architecture to ensure connectivity and data exchange between the different client system
  • Xoriant developed a touch screen based application on Microsoft .Net that helped the manager plan and execute the shop floor operations
  • Locking mechanism implemented using memory-mapped cache addressed the security aspect.Know More >>


  • Comprehensive data integration across multiple systems and real-time visibility provided our client with the much needed information systems platform to automate the manual processes for manufacturing, shop floor management and supply chain management.
  • The graphical user interface showed the real-time status of the process, inventory and logistics in highly visible colors and patterns, using which the operator and plant manager could take quick and informed actions.Know More >>

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