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Xoriant Database Migration Case Study

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Xoriant Database Migration Case Study

Xoriant Database Migration Case Study

Smooth migration from commercial to Open source platform with minimal downtime of client's existing IT Infrastructure system which resulted in 97% TCO savings along with improved product performance to 27 TPS from 7 TPS, thus ensuring high usability and manageability.

Key Requirement

  • Determining the optimal infrastructure configuration to enable smooth migration was one of the bigger challenges.
  • Ensuring minimal downtime during the migration since the database to be migrated was OLTP with high throughput, many users, and constant load of DML operations and queries
  • Ensuring high usability and manageability offered by the Oracle database. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • We conducted an in-depth infrastructure analysis of number of database users, type of database workload, etc to determine number and type of servers and CPUs needed and utilization rate of each server
  • We used InnoDB storage engine of MySQL that is a transaction-safe, ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) compliant and best suited for OLTP
  • MySQL Migration toolkit was used for migrating simple tables and views and the data. Know More >>


  • The TCO savings of the client was about 97% of the original cost.
  • Migrating to Open source improved product performance to 27 TPS from 7 TPS. Know More >>

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