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Transform Legacy Product to Microservices-based SaaS Platform

Xoriant Marketing
Monolithic to Microservices

Client Background

  • This client is a leading provider of mortgage origination solutions, working with thousands of lenders turning over 50,000 loan applications per month
  • The company’s legacy loan origination application was desktop-based with client-server architecture
  • Loan information was delivered to applicants no sooner than the next day, which delayed the overall process, causing poor customer satisfaction and eventually revenue loss
  • Other challenges included difficulty in maintenance and limited scalability of the application and an interface that was not very user-friendly

Xoriant Solution

Xoriant re-architected the desktop application into a SOA and microservices-based SaaS platform. Xoriant contribution highlights across Modernization stack include:

  • UI Development: Developed consistent and responsive UI for input forms, third party site and core product, leveraging pure CSS. Developed Custom Common UI library.
  • API Development: Exposed existing code as RESTful APIs to be consumed by UI applications as well as mobile App. Developed Micro services for new functionality to be exposed on Amazon, leveraging Amazon API Gateway and Lambda function.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerated mortgage processing speed while reducing costs by improving collaboration and visibility across various stakeholders
  • Enabled lenders, service providers, and ISVs to easily build their custom loan applications and deploy on cloud
  • Performance engineering reduced processing time from 9 sec to 3 sec
  • Automated CI/CD process with more than 90% test cases

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