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UI Modernization with Multi-Language Voice Channel Enablement

Xoriant Marketing
User Interface Modernization

Client Background

This client provides machine learning solutions that connect and transform enterprise operations. Using proprietary data crawling, industry models, machine learning and artificial intelligence, the client is revolutionizing how people relate to data, and how organizations function.

Xoriant Solution

Mobile and Voice Channel Development

  • Xoriant deployed an interactive voice search ability to display textual and graphical result
  • The interactive multi-level search is context-specific
  • The solution supports 15+ voice languages and multiple services, include Amazon Polly, Google and Siri
  • The solution can display data in graphical format with fusion charts, and supports 80 types of charts on mobile

Key Benefits

  • Raised productivity by 30%
  • Improved decision making as the application was now more accessible and available on mobile with voice input capability
  • Modernized look and feel resulting in better acceptance and decision-maker buy-in from a sales perspective

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