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Streamlining Recruiting Operations Using Microsoft .Net

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Streamlining Recruiting Operations Using Microsoft .Net

Streamlining Recruiting Operations using Microsoft .Net

Developed a flexible recruitment management solution where data from legacy system is translated into the new system with no data loss, new solution facilitated quick decision making and reduced end user workflow time by more than 30%.

Key Contribution

  • Designed and developed a custom component, which retrieves data from multiple Excel sheets, performs data sanitization, data validations and establishes entity relationships within the master tables of SQL database before importing into the new system.

  • Designed and developed a scheduler, which schedules the custom component for data import to run as a nightly job. The scheduler generates a log of records failing the import using Log4Net and triggers an email to the back office administrator for further action.

  • Used JQ grid to design a hierarchical view dashboard, which provides summary of resource performances in real time. A color coded view allows senior management to drill down to lowest work effort on open position or resource performance and facilitates decision making. Know More >>


  • Expanded global footprint by launching application on Firefox OS.
  • High acceptance of application due to the ease of use and seamless user experience on mobile. Know More >>

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