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Xoriant Web Analytics

Xoriant Marketing
Xoriant Web Analytics

Xoriant Web Analytics

Developed a solution that allows e-marketers to precisely measure the effectiveness of their online promotions and creative campaigns, and help them plan their emarketing strategy more definitively and profitably.

Key Requirement

  • Our client lacked a comprehensive and flexible decision making module.
  • The project required modeling and programming the input process of these parameters and designing and implementing the decision making algorithms, which would then be adaptable to incorporate the changing parameters.Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Xoriant team architected, designed, and built a fully functional system with high scalability requirements using Microsoft Internet product suite.
  • Detailed real time participation with the client, to understand the actual needs and concept behind the product.
  • A mix of both client server and web based architecture that achieved mutually orthogonal demands of ubiquity and network performance on one side and security and connectivity on the other side. The seamless interoperability between MS-Windows client-server and .Net internet environments made this mixed architecture functional.Know More >>


  • Our client's solution was enriched by a decision-making module with a proven and tested algorithm that helped our client's e-marketing customer plan the emarketing strategy more definitively and profitably.
  • While keeping the usability of the solution intact, we were able to implement very complex statistical algorithms to increase the accuracy of the decisions, while completely hiding the complexity from the user. Know More >>

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