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Storage Systems Performance Testing

One of the leading storage companies saved operational costs significantly by adopting Xoriant offshore project execution model to test the SAN and NAS storage devices in a state of art interoperability lab.

Key Requirement

  • Performing intensive tests of storage sub-systems to determine the maximum throughput / IOPS which forms the baseline input for any application level testing. This testing is very critical as this is the first level of testing for any storage sub-system
  • Determining the right combination/design for each storage sub-system which includes different types of disk drives like SATA, SAS, etc was a major challenge as there are more than 100 different combinations to choose from
  • Analyzing and testing the product to ensure data integrity and availability, which are the prime requirements of any data storage product to determine the reliability of storage devices. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Obtained the product performance measures by executing intensive tests on storage products by modifying configuration file of the testing tool (as required) to measure key performance metrics like IOPS (Input/Output Operations per Second), CPU busy, read/write latency, response time, etc.
  • Designed storage systems with permutations and combinations of different types of disk drives (SSD, SATA, FC and SAS) to test the compatibility of the storage products. Additionally the system was designed so that the hardware components and the CPU stays busy throughout the test run to test system's performance threshold.
  • Performed drive comparison (72GB FC, 146GB FC, 300GB FC, 450GB SAS, 500GB SATA, 750GB SATA) tests, RAID level backend comparison (2+2, 3+1, 4+4, 7+1) tests, etc. to determine the versatility of any storage array with different types of disk drives. Know More >>


  • Enabled the client engineering team to focus on new product releases by offloading non-core activities like performance testing and white paper creation to the xoriant team
  • Achieved a cost advantage to the tune of 30% due to offshore model of project execution. Know More >>

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