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Hotel Management ERP

Xoriant Marketing
Hotel Management ERP

Hotel Management ERP

A leader in hospitality solutions enabled clients to easily manage events and handle country specific taxation system like VAT or GST through an event management and tax module.

Key Requirements

  • Flexibly configure event meeting room space and room layout options

  • Manage Event menus, items and rates as per the requirement

  • Book and manage event reservations. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Designed and developed a template to allow selecting conference room on the basis of type, layout and configuration.

  • Configured food and beverage, equipment, audio visual and amenity items including inventory and pricing along with a text editor feature for menu items and Banquet Event Orders.

  • Developed complex procedures to calculate and configure rates. Know More >>


  • Increased client's revenue from the new events module of hotel property management product by 20%.

  • Reduced the turnaround time by 20% due to prior knowledge of enterprise framework. Know More >>

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