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Six Sigma PMO Enterprise SW Company Case Study

Xoriant Marketing
Six Sigma PMO Enterprise SW Company Case Study

Six Sigma PMO Enterprise SW Company Case Study

Increased product stability and acceptance by incorporating new PMO functionalities which includes rollup of timesheet specified efforts/costs into roadmap and finance modules, heat map report improvements, etc. in existing enterprise software which allowed automation of legacy data import and customer surveys.

Key Requirements

  • With specialization in product engineering

  • With resources who would comprehend client’s proprietary core Java based development framework in shortest possible time and contribute in development. Our client’s core team had built this framework to speed up the development of enterprise applications following a certain design pattern.

  • Who has formal knowledge management processes and technology. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Xoriant teams took the initiative in developing Heat Map Reports which gave detailed data on planned and actual utilization of the resources across a given time period. These reports were instrumental in winning some of the deals for our client.

  • Even though our client product had similar functionality, Xoriant architected and delivered seamless integration with MS Project for transfer of data between ETrack and MS Project, thus reducing the cost and hassle of double data entry and thus significantly increasing the attractiveness of our client’s product line

  • Conceptualized, architected and implemented a “Voice of Customer (Survey)” module, which was one of the unique functionality offered by the etrack product. Know More >>


  • Xoriant’s team was instrumental in providing suggestions and helping client architects and product managers define “Product Roadmap” from functional and technology perspectives.

  • Xoriant’s team contributed in product management along with client’s resources to decide scope of each release with an objective to provide as many features as possible for each release. Know More >>

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