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Robust Automation Framework for Permission-based Network Management

Xoriant Marketing
Robust Automation Framework

Our client is the pioneer and recognized leader in permission-based network management for secured communication. They provide services in security, life safety and business continuity missions of commercial enterprises and government agencies worldwide. Our client provides a unified and consistent exchange of critical information among organizations, their people and devices.

Key Requirements

  • To understand the test cases developed for windows application which had different conventions for different modules in application which had created high ambiguity.
  • Automate available test cases for the web based application.
  • All test cases should be independent and robust so that these can be executed in batches on any environment. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Developed a Robust Automation Framework that sufficed all functional and technical testing requirements.
  • Implemented libraries dedicated for Test Data generation using Stored Procedures and API.
  • Integration with Test Management tool (ALM) and CI tool (Jenkins).Know More >>


  • Reduced about 60% of configuration time with the complete paradigm shift of the architecture, where client can configure themselves.
  • Saved 40% of infrastructure cost over legacy infrastructure vendor and recurring license cost through multi-tenancy.
  • Supported high volume transaction processing and universal audibility for reliability and scalability.Know More >>

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