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Customer Management Portal to Manage and Monitor Business Growth

Xoriant Marketing
Customer Management Portal

Customer Management Portal to Manage and Monitor Business Growth

Xoriant developed a customer management portal that lets advertisers reach target audiences through a vast selection of inventory across publisher sites, mobile applications, consumer devices and advertisements.

Key Requirements

  • Lessen the manual regression testing time and efforts
  • Test Tech solution which should be cost effective and platform independent
  • Validation of the portal for the business requirements in agile development environment of bi-weekly sprint Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Fully automated Smoke test suite delivered that added to ascertain crucial functions are working in the system keeping up quality and productivity
  • Fully automated database integration test suite which covered more than 200 test cases
  • Fully automated regression packs for functional and end-to-end scenarios which covered almost 350+ scenarios that enabled flexible deployment and operational capabilities Know More >>


  • Automation helped our client to improve business uptime by identifying potential issues through early detection
  • Automation test execution reduced total cost for testing by 20%
  • Reduced production defect leakage to 5% Know More >>

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