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Online Self Help Audio Portal Case Study

Xoriant Marketing
Online Self-help Audio Portal

Online Self Help Audio Portal Case Study

Increased the customer base by creating an online version of the self-help audio portal also made available on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, etc. with streaming functionality.

Key Requirements

  • Support for multiple channels such as web, phone and iPod to listen to audio

  • Achieving performance benchmarks - Supporting 500 concurrent users with the total user base of 20000 in 8 months

  • On the fly conversion of audio file formats like MP3, WAV. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Administrative facilities and tools as an independent component.

  • Thin-client web-services driven architecture for sound streaming that was enabled using voiceXML, Adobe Flash, and RMTP protocols.

  • User-driven components like bookmarks, file-accesses, review-and-ranking capabilities. Know More >>


  • 20% cost savings in the development process due to designing of core components in the 1st iteration of an engagement with 3 iterations (ROI)

  • Due to the iterative model, client started getting revenues after the first iteration. Know More >>

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