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Mobile Network Analytics Solution

Xoriant Marketing
Mobile Network Analytics Solution

Developed complete server side and integrated various AWS services, for a global provider of mobile internet optimization and monetization solutions

Key Requirement

  • Design and architect the solution to support high volume of transactions of 700 TPS per node
  • Provide an interface to integrate multiple campaigns for each MNO while keeping every MNO statistics separate and secure
  • Migrate data from Oracle to MySQL/ Aurora database to reduce the cost incurred in license and get high scalability Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Designed architecture using Spring Boot to support high volume transactions of 1000 TPS per node
  • Redesigned components of business intelligence and ad campaign management to incorporate AWS services
  • Developed a new system using Scrum methodology for development and integrated with Content Fleet / Ad providers to support 3rd party content. Know More >>


  • Increased system performance by leveraging AWS services and eliminated hardware maintenance thereby reducing infrastructure costs by around 30%
  • Adoption of DevOps services resulted into 95% reduction in environment setup time and provided SIT/UAT support on client side Know More >>

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