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Minimize loss in Business Through Video-Driven Analytics Mobile App

Xoriant Marketing
Product Engineering -Mobile Application

Mobile Application to Minimize Losses for Business Through Video-Driven Analytics

Extended an existing web based point-of-sale system to a mobile based version on iOS and Android thus enabling a Hi-Tech client to maximize their customer base by 20%

Key Requirements

  • Develop a user friendly interface which provides seamless user experience over multiple device types
  • Provide anywhere access to client’s cloud platform to access data/key information about user’s business
  • Allow customization of dashboards to select from the available parameters with a drill down capability. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Developed a responsive application (iOS and Android) on Xamarin using MVVM pattern where MVVMCross library helped in maximizing the code and components reusing between iOS and Android platforms.
  • Accelerated the development and testing time with using this pattern, by clearly separating business logic and user interface layer. Business logic was put inside a portable shared library which was shared among iOS and Android platform.
  • Integrated open source OxyPlot graph library for the POS module, and further modified to make the graphs interactive. Know More >>


  • Instant alerts on mobile helped save time and money on any critical situations.
  • Reduced efforts in loss prevention by around 20-30%. Know More >>

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