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Migration and Enhancement of Oracle Database

Xoriant Marketing
Data Migration

Migration and Enhancement of Oracle database

Increased 60% of target market by enhancing and migrating existing database to newer geographic locations in USA, accomplished for our client which is one of the leading litigation and discovery support services provider.

Key Requirements

  • Building new database ensuring scalability to be able to accommodate the large volume of data from many other states of USA
  • Adding dynamic filters according to region, state, office, etc.
  • Enhancing document repository with advanced data room features Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Re-designed and re-architected the existing database to overcome scalability and performance issues faced due to hard-coding
  • Created new schema in Oracle database to store all the data related to summary details of EMR products for ease of reporting
  • Created new screens in Oracle forms to design and build applications to support existing and new functionalities Know More >>


  • Increased at least 60% of the target market of our client by reaching across different states in USA
  • Improved performance by 60% with the enablement of easy document storage and retrieval
  • Ensured 99% of data availability of system to enable easy access of the data through various channels Know More >>

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