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Client Background

Our client is a leading player in merchandise management, specializing in inventory reconciliation through cutting-edge RFID and tag-based solutions.

They offered solutions that navigate the intricate world of retail processes, seamlessly managing merchandise through crucial stages such as tagging, cycle counts, replenishment, movement, and shipping. Offering a diverse range of hard tags, labels, and flexible safers in Acousto-Magnetic (AM) and Radio Frequency (RF) technology, the client is dedicated to optimizing retail operations.

The Challenge

A major challenge that the client faced was posed during the transition towards test automation. This included:

  • Time-Consuming Manual Regression Pack: The manual regression pack, a crucial component of the testing process, took an arduous month to complete. This prolonged duration not only delayed the testing cycle but also posed challenges in keeping up with the dynamic nature of retail operations.
  • Scalability Issues with Existing Frameworks: The existing automation frameworks faced scalability challenges when attempting to execute the regression suite across various environments. This limitation impeded the flexibility required to adapt to diverse retail settings, hindering the overall efficiency of the testing process.
  • Issues with Manual Automation Suite Quality: The previous automation suite faced challenges such as redundant and unclear test cases, alongside inconsistencies arising from the amalgamation of manual test cases.

Key Solutions

In tackling the challenges at hand, Xoriant conducted a Proof of Concept (POC) for three automation frameworks: Katalon, Perfecto, and iAutomate. After careful evaluation, the client opted for iAutomate due to its ease of expansion and cost-effectiveness. Some of the highlights of the solution include:

  • Seamless Multi-Environment Support: iAutomate was seamlessly integrated into both Android and iOS platforms within a unified framework. To mitigate conflicts, a distinct packaging structure was implemented, allowing for smooth coexistence on both platforms.
  • Comprehensive Multi-Platform Versions Support and Multi Device Support: iAutomate facilitated environment test scripting and execution as well as device test scripting on various Android platform versions (10, 11, 12) and IOS versions (14, 15, 16). This broad support ensured compatibility across a diverse range of devices. It also enabled
  • Customized Branching and Test Strategies: To enhance control over the testing process, customized branching and test strategies were established. These measures ensured a structured approach to testing, minimizing errors and optimizing the overall efficiency of the automated suite.
  • BDD Flavor for iAutomate: iAutomate was infused with a Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) flavor. This strategic decision aimed to enhance collaboration by making test cases more comprehensible for manual testers and business analysts, fostering seamless communication throughout the testing lifecycle.
  • Unified Execution in a Restricted Environment: We also implemented the capability to run the entire execution in a single Business Unit (BU). This breakthrough enabled seamless execution in environments where data creation is restricted, streamlining testing processes.
  • Mobile Automation Suite execution on the GCP Cloud Instance: Executing the Mobile Automation Suite on GCP instances reduced overall execution time, even in serial executions. High-configured machines on demand enabled smooth parallel execution, proving cost-effective compared to local machines or device farm subscriptions.

    Our solutions brought a paradigm shift in testing efficiency, enabling the handling of large data sets with the capacity to read 10k Epcs, thereby enhancing testing realism. The integration of the Apptim Mobile App Performance Tool showcased our commitment to optimal app performance, measuring render times, power consumption, and device resource usage.

    Additionally, the implementation of Cloud-Based Mobile Automation Suite Execution on Google Cloud Platform instances not only reduced execution time but also demonstrated a cost-effective and scalable approach through high-configured machines on demand, ensuring smooth parallel execution in testing processes.

    Business Benefits

    The implementation of iAutomate brought significant business value to our client:

  • Test Case Automation on Both Android and IOS Platforms:  iAutomate enabled the automation of over 1400 test cases on both Android and IOS platforms, ensuring comprehensive coverage and consistency in testing.
  • Regression Efficiency Optimization: The optimization initiative resulted in a substantial reduction, bringing down the regression time and effort from 15 man-days to a mere 2.25 man-days per month. This enhancement translates to a more streamlined testing process, resulting in increased efficiency and resource utilization.
  • Discovering Defects Throughout Development and Execution Processes: With iAutomate in place, the client experienced improved defect detection throughout the development lifecycle. Early identification of defects not only streamlined the development process but also contributed to a more robust final product.

    In conclusion, the adoption of iAutomate revolutionized our client's approach to merchandise management, inventory reconciliation, and overall retail efficiency. The seamless integration of this solution has not only expedited testing processes but has also enhanced the overall shopper journey through reliable and efficient retail solutions.

Technology Stack

Java, Appium, Rest Assured, Cucumber BDD, Extent reports

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