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Client Background

Our client is a global engineering manufacturing company which manufactures various engineered products for power, oil, gas, chemical and water.

The Challenge

Our client confronted significant operational hurdles, grappling with inefficiencies that hindered their workflow. Their primary challenge stemmed from the labor-intensive nature of manual entity extraction, consuming valuable time and resulting in frustratingly long turnaround times. Compounding this issue were the complexities of their interfaces, which impeded smooth batch processing and verification processes. Their processes needed an overhaul to improve their outcomes.

Key Solutions

Xoriant’s tailored solution revolutionized the quote process workflow by introducing automation, significantly enhancing the efficiency of quote generation. This innovative approach incorporates a comprehensive set of procedures aimed at streamlining the entire workflow. Document classification, data extraction, and rigorous quality checks are seamlessly integrated into the process, ensuring accuracy and reliability at every step.

Moreover, the solution addressed the challenge of handling diverse document formats by implementing procedures for their seamless conversion. Smarter extraction techniques were employed to capture information with precision, facilitating thorough and accurate data extraction. A sophisticated system established for enabling efficient verification.

The implementation of Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) verification further enhanced the reliability of the process, providing an extra layer of review and validation. The solution consolidates fields, simplifying validation for Sales Support and ensuring swift approval, resulting seamless enhancement of quote generation efficiency. Overall, Xoriant’s solution represented a paradigm shift in workflow optimization, demonstrating a commitment to excellence and innovation in addressing client needs.

Business Outcomes

Xoriant’s innovative solution delivered exceptional results, achieving accuracy levels ranging from 80% to 97%, depending on document quality and complexity. This significant improvement revolutionized the workflow, slashing processing time from a laborious 45 minutes to just 5 minutes for verifying 33 extracted fields per item tag number. These efficiency gains had a profound impact on client operations, enabling rapid processing of RFQs, and HITL verifications, ultimately saving considerable time and effort.

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