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Health Insurance Plan Aggregator

Xoriant Marketing
Health Insurance Plan Aggregator

Health Insurance Plan Aggregator

Enchanced and re-architected insurance plan quotes engine that helped a leading health insurance plan aggregator to assess trends associated with cost drivers for patient care and deliver crisp information on healthcare plans to their customers

Key Requirement

  • Xoriant development team was engaged in designing and implementing the Windows desktop based Administration modules that automate Operations and Finance work flow functions.
  • The application automates tasks involved in enabling enrollment, termination, invoicing, renewals, accounting, disbursement, and reporting. 

Key Contribution

  • Xoriant used a blended delivery model that included on-site Xoriant project manager, on-site business analyst, o shore Xoriant developers and testers, and client team members.
  • Xoriant team, along with the client team, executed the project using the Agile methodology.
  • Xoriant leverages a cost-effective and e client offshore delivery model.


  • Compare performances of networks and providers to use the information for better rate negotiations.
  • Define value drivers for members, their behavior and choices driving value.

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