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Mobilizing Complex Websites Using Site Virtualization Platform

Xoriant Marketing
Site Virtualization Platform

Mobilizing Complex Websites Using Site Virtualization Platform

Mobilized the existing desktop version of websites to be compatible with different devices of different platforms, screen sizes and resolution.

Key Requirements

  • Developing responsive, simplified, easy to use and adaptable version of the portal’s desktop site.
  • Simplifying the search navigation process.
  • Implementing SEO & analytics for the mobile and tablet sites for better reach ability and tracking which would help in redirecting all affliate programs, SEO links, and email marketing from the desktop seamlessly to the mobile site. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Implemented scrolling navigation slides, responsive images
  • Implemented an easy to use hospitality administration processes like reservations
  • Enabled functional maps for users to get access premises through a virtual tour. Know More >>


  • Led to a positive word of mouth for the client’s brands, causing more people to visit the site through social media.
  • Customers were awarded with best mobile sites of the year awards based on the customer visits, conversion statistics. Know More >>

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