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Food Supply Chain Software Case Study

Xoriant Marketing
Food Supply Chain Software Case Study

Food Supply Chain Software Case Study

Introduced customer delivery portal and integrated with Oracle system by building TIBCO adaptors for each system to enable customers to interact online with the company.

Key Requirements

  • Enabling rapid delivery of high-quality software, and a business approach to align development with evolving customer needs
  • Developing components which could be used as plug-ins to the existing web based system
  • Reducing licensing overheads of the product portfolio of the acquired companies.

Key Contributions

  • Adopted Agile engineering best practices like unit test automation, continuous integration and automated builds resulting in improved productivity
  • Followed distributed Scrum with daily meetings & weekly Scrum of Scrums which helped in earlier identification of issues and improved quality of the deliverables
  • Trained backup resources using pair programming which radically improved the flexibility in resource ramp up/ramp down during peak business demands. 


  • Enabled client engineering team to focus on new product innovation by offloading product development and other non-core activities like technical support, testing, maintenance and professional services to Xoriant team
  • Achieved 24x5 product development and 24x7 functional and technical support by operating two teams in different time zones from India.

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