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Comprehensive Travel Portal Case Study

Xoriant Marketing
Travel Portal Development

Comprehensive Travel Portal Case Study

Enabled travel client to provide a complete one stop travel planning solution that included destination, reviews and holiday package curated from hundreds of different travel sites.

Key Requirements

  • Achievement high performance benchmark: At least 1000 concurrentusersand scalable up to 100,000 users within 12 months ofcommercial launch
  • Achievement user acceptance benchmarks: Acceptance from 200 friendly and 1,000 external users in 2-3 months after beta launch
  • Integration with numerous third party service providers– booking engine, review sites, hotelbooking with leading providers in Europe& US for fetching real time information. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Design and development of the framework around Alfresco API to be used in the various modules. Destination specific contents were maintained in the form of XML and managed using Alfresco CMS
  • Generation of PDF with personalization information on the fly. This was fully designed and developed with the help of third party library. Xoriant development team implemented the mechanism to create custom PDF as per the required look and layout
  • Development of a tool called as ‘Inspiration Finder’ which uses strong business intelligence to provide a one-stop service that eliminates the amount of research and planning users have to do to find their ideal vacation spot. Know More >>


  • Aggressive product release dates were achieved through ownership based engagement by Xoriant team that complemented their technical excellence
  • Xoriant’s ability to understand start-up business model and delivery of beta helped client secure additional funding. Know More >>

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