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Food Safety and Quality Assurance Solution

Xoriant Marketing
Food Safety and Quality Assurance Solution


Our client is leading innovator of food safety and quality assurance (FSQA) management solutions. The FSQA Operating System delivers the critical tools, program visibility and data intelligence needed to more effectively manage and continuously improve food safety and quality.


  • The multi-tenant legacy application had architectural issues as well as performance and scalability problems. The application and its components were on a hosting provider, Windstream.
  • Client needed to develop ways to implement the equivalent of on-premises procedures, such as backups, security checks and patches through configuration level changes.
  • Client also wanted to mobilize their solution to increase reach and serve their customers better.Know More >>


  • Xoriant rearchitected the application to migrate applications and data from Windstream to Azure. Azure supported scalability as it is very easy to add servers on an as needed basis to the farm.
  • Utilized Azure’s BizTalk services, Azure blob storage and perpetual licenses which helped reduce the cost significantly.
  • Developed mobile application along with new WCF REST service on web applications and iOS & Android mobile platforms Know More >>


  • Reduced licensing and infrastructure cost by 50%
  • 80% growth in reoccurring revenue in last 12 months
  • Improved operational efficiencies across the food supply chain by 25% Know More >>



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