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Non-Disruptive Compliance & Risk Analysis Platform

Xoriant Marketing
Cloud & Infrastructure

Non-Disruptive Compliance & Risk Analysis Platform for Cloud Based Services

An enterprise cloud security platform provider increases its client base by 20% through Xoriant developed solution that could provide complete visibility into client' end-customers' cloud assets and track its usage.

Key Requirement

  • Define company specific policies to scan exposure risks in assets like les, documents deployed in cloud applications.
  • Give a 360° visibility without any IT, proxy or agent dependency.
  • Identify cloud data compliance violations with a multidimensional root cause analysis. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Rich and intuitive UI development using cutting edge technology like Ruby on Rails along with robust backend development using Java.
  • Aggregation and ready availability of huge terabytes of application data and business data stored in MongoDB.
  • Fetch asset information by querying cloud assets using REST APIs developed on Jersey client. Know More >>


  • 40% reduction in risks pertaining to information leaks and unauthorized access to public data.
  • Simplification of compliance analysis precisely detected confidential data that is put publicly. Know More >>

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