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EAI for an Enterprise Class Software Solutions Company

Xoriant Marketing
EAI for Enterprise Class Software Solutions Company

EAI for an Enterprise Class Software Solutions Company

Increased 30% customer base by creating an Android application to convert videos (MP4, WMV,FLV, etc) and images (JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc) in different formats for smartphones and tablets with streaming functionality

Key Requirements

  • To enable customers to interact with the company on-line.
  • Integrate and automate the incumbent business processes and information required to providing these services over the web. Know More >>

Key Contributions

  • Xoriant was responsible for building a series of adapters, one for each system, which required integration.
  • Standard vendor adapter were used where ever available. Xoriant’s role is architecting and implementing the solution using TIBCO’s middleware products
  • Xoriant was responsible for Project Management and implementation. Know More >>


  • The integrated enterprise will allow internet users to place orders and check order statuses over the web seamlessly as manual order processing is done.
  • It also will allow the client to communicate and transfer order information to customers; data moves efficiently and reliably among systems and beyond the enterprise. Know More >>

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