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Customer Support Knowledge Management

Designed and Deployed Targeted, Engaging eLearning Material To Boost Product Knowledge and User Satisfaction.
15 February 2021
Case study
Learning & Development

Client Background

  • Our client is an established SaaS provider of ERP applications to the financial services industry
  • While the client’s L1 support unit managed to resolve most user issues, many were flagged for L2 and L3 support

Xoriant Solution

  • To establish a baseline of issues, Xoriant analyzed the L1 and L2 support calls to identify the most common queries
  • The team proposed a series of custom-branded, rapid eLearning courses and nugget-sized, interactive tutorial videos to explain the product’s proper usage and highlight its benefits (as opposed to its features)

Key Benefits

  • Solved common customer support queries through eLearning nuggets
  • Reduced support calls 35% by redirecting customers to demo videos
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