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Computer Vision And Deep Learning Facilitates Precision Agriculture Through Satellite-Based Phenotyping For A Leading Chemical Company

Xoriant Marketing
Computer Vision&DeepLearningenablesPrecision Agriculture

Client Background

  • The client is a leading chemical manufacturing company based in US. The company works with farmers and governments to monitor and improve crop production.
  • The client wanted to harness power of remote sensing and satellite image processing to compute crop phenology mapping and farm boundaries to optimize costs and manpower.

Xoriant Solution | Key Contributions

  • Selection of right satellite data sources and right bands of data for processing to achieve the optimum cost to accuracy ratio.
  • Processing data from 2 different satellite data sources ÔÇô farm boundaries detected data from Bing maps and assessed crop phenology with data from Sentinel-2 satellite

Key Benefits

  • 90% reduction in the use of offline sensors for phenology computation
  • 90% reduction in manual effort in farm boundary data collection
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