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Client Background

Our client is a renowned name in the confectionery and food industry, and pride themselves on providing nutritious and delicious treats to their customers. They use a Yokogawa machine to pack their ready-made food products, where the food pouch goes through several processes including the Cut (Come Up Time Zone), Sterilization Zone, and Cooling Zone. However, all the data from these processes are analyzed manually for quality assurance which can be time-consuming and inefficient.

The Challenge

The client faced a challenge with their food packing process where data was generated at each zone cycle using a Yokogawa machine. The data was manually analyzed to ensure quality assurance, leading to delays and the possibility of human error. High manpower cost was major hurdle.

The client was dealing with a time-consuming and error-prone manual process of analyzing data for quality assurance. This process required converting diverse file formats, identifying compliant and non-compliant records, and storing and analyzing the data.

Xoriant Solution | Key Contributions

With an unmatched expertise in data engineering, the client partnered with Xoriant as their technology service partner to automate and streamline their food packaging operations. Our team developed a scalable solution to automate the necessary data integration with their existing Yokogawa Application data.

Xoriant solution consisted of several components, including Power Automate RPA (Robotics Process Automation), which automatically read the source folder, converted .GSE files into .xlsx files, and stored the files into Azure Data Lake at specified intervals.

In addition, we used Azure Data Factory Pipelines to identify compliant and non-compliant records using rules-based zone distribution logic. The final data was then stored in COSMOS DB/Azure SQL Database and analyzed by Power BI Analytics and Reporting, which provided the client with Power BI reports to analyze compliant and non-compliant records.

Our client was able to automate their quality assurance process and significantly reduce the amount of time and human error associated with manual analysis. The integration of the different components helped them store and analyze data in a more efficient and accurate way, giving them a competitive edge in the food products market.

Business Benefits

By embracing data automation and integration, our client achieved significant business benefits:

  • Automation of Quality Assurance for Multiple Factories: The scalable solution developed by Xoriant opened opportunities for automating the quality assurance processes across multiple factories globally. As a result, the client was able to reduce the reliance on manual labor and achieve a cost reduction in manpower by approximately 20-25%. The automated solution streamlined data integration and analysis, minimizing human error and improving overall efficiency.
  • Automation of Multiple Recipes: With the implemented solution, the client gained the ability to automate the process of handling multiple recipes. This automation significantly reduced the need for manual intervention, leading to a reduction of approximately 40-50% in manual efforts. By automating the recipe handling process, the client achieved increased accuracy, consistency, and efficiency in their operations.

Overall, the integration of various components, such as Power Automate RPA, Azure Data Factory Pipelines, COSMOS DB/Azure SQL Database, and Power BI Analytics and Reporting, enabled the client to store and analyze data in a more efficient and accurate manner.

These advancements not only facilitated the automation of quality assurance across multiple factories but also offered opportunities for automating recipe processes. The client's ability to automate and streamline these critical processes provided them with a competitive edge in the food products market.

Technology Stack

Microsoft Robotics Process Automation, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Gen2, Cosmos DB, Azure SQL DB, Power BI

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