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Cloud Desktop Storage Case Study

Xoriant Marketing
Cloud Desktop Storage Case Study

Cloud Desktop Storage Case Study

Integration and migration of existing licensed based system to open source resulting in 40 % cost saving with implementation of SSO and 3DES key encryption.

Key Requirements

  • Core development team comprising of a technical architect and technical lead from Xoriant - Microsoft Center of Excellence had a series of discussions/meetings with our client counterparts to gather finer details of this engagement.
  • Our team proposed a modular architecture for plug-in application which is both secure and scalable to meet the clients evolving requirements. Xoriant also recommended the use of secure API based REST architecture to connect with our client’s
  • web platform. By designing a 2-tier application framework, the Xoriant team built a loosely coupled architecture allowing our client to incorporate additional features with minimal code changes. Know More >>

Key Contributions

  • Developed MS Outlook plug-in which allows users to save/download attachments from their e-mails directly to the client platform and MS Office plug-in which allows users to open & update files directly on the platform without having to create any local copy.
  • Designed RIA based rich user interface to provide enhanced usability for the users.
  • Implemented mechanism to cache user folder hierarchy thus improving overall application performance. Know More >>


  • Provided our client ‘first mover’ advantage over its competition since there was no product for integration of the collaboration platform with MS Office suite available in the market
  • Enabled our client reach and maintain a leadership position in the collaboration cloud segment by integrating its PaaS solution with most popular MS Office suite. Know More >>

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