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Client Background 

The client is a prominent global leader in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and consumer health industries. They are a key player in enabling their partners to optimize product development, launch, and full life-cycle supply for patients worldwide.  

As a trusted partner with extensive expertise in development sciences, delivery technologies, and multi-modality 
manufacturing, having an ironclad grip on data capturing to ensure complete visibility was an essential for the client.


The client’s data capture process depended predominantly on maintaining manually updated spreadsheets. This manual approach consumed valuable subject matter expert (SME) time and restricted the ability to involve a broader group of SMEs in the curation responsibilities.

Plus, over-reliance on spreadsheets hindered their ability to serve diverse reporting and analysis use cases effectively, leading to duplicated efforts in other areas.

As part of the company’s competitive intelligence initiatives, the client aimed to keep a keen eye on its competitors’ moves. A significant hindrance to the client’s data capture efforts while doing so was the manual resources it took to maintain comprehensive and cohesive records.

Xoriant Solution | Key Contributions 

Automation of data capturing was undoubtedly a key solution but making the data seamlessly and intuitively accessible to SMEs for it to be functional and insightful was the overlaying challenge that called for extensive consideration.

Xoriant was approached for our well-established and trusted record as a Microsoft Partner and a reputable data management and processing expert. To address the client's business problem, our team devised a comprehensive solution that encompassed developing a web application using Microsoft Power Pages, incorporating various data capture methods such as electronic data feeds like RSS and XML, manual data entry, and MS Excel uploads in a standardized format. This streamlined the competitive intelligence data and provided a centralized hub for data management.

As part of the solution, we designed intuitive webpages for data curation. These pages utilized a "master data" approach, enabling easy categorization of relevant competitor-related news items within the dataset. This categorization process simplified the management and organization of data, making it more accessible and efficient for the SMEs involved in the curation process. 

Additionally, we created a set of predefined Power BI reports and dashboards integrated within the web application. These reports and dashboards provided robust analysis capabilities, allowing users to gain valuable insights from the curated data. By incorporating this analytical functionality, the client could easily examine and evaluate their competitors' data, facilitating informed decision-making.

Business Benefits

The implementation of our solution yielded several significant benefits for the client:

Streamlined Data Access: Users could now access competitor's news items conveniently within a single application. The manual effort required for data capture was significantly reduced, freeing up valuable SME time.

Enhanced Data Curation: Business users gained the ability to curate the news items effectively, ensuring the data's accuracy and relevance. This improved data quality contributed to more reliable and insightful analysis.

Analytical Capabilities: With the Power BI reports and dashboards integrated into the web application, business users could generate customized reports and perform in-depth analysis. This empowered them to extract meaningful insights from the curated data and make informed strategic decisions.

Overall, the Xoriant solution enabled the client to optimize their data capture process, enhance data curation, and leverage powerful analytical tools. The client experienced improved operational efficiency streamlined decision-making processes, and a competitive edge in the industry.

Technology Stack

Microsoft Power Pages | Power Automate | Dataverse | Power BI

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