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End to end automated solution and error free upgrade of PeopleSoft HRMS has benefited client with improved operational efficiency and reduced contract time by 53%.

Key Requirements

  • Re-developing and customizing the Service Contract system as per Oracle standards to ensure Oracle support and upgrades of the system, without which the system was becoming obsolete.
  • Providing an end-to-end automated solution involving interfacing of orders from legacy systems in geographically dispersed client locations into the Order Management module in Oracle Apps with auto renewal of service contracts and deploying it with minimal downtime
  • Aggregating service contract system data of about 317 GB spread in three different databases: Excel spreadsheets, Oracle Apps database and Seibel into a single database.

Key Contribution

  • Participated in extensive discussions and knowledge transfer sessions onsite with client’s business experts and created knowledge transfer documents which were used by the offshore team. Established a dedicated offshore development center with well defined mechanism for team communication and created performance metrics which were sent to the client on weekly basis thus building client confidence.
  • Implemented Forms Personalization solution in Service Contracts system of Oracle Apps recognized by Oracle support.
  • Designed and developed an interface to load the legacy orders into centralized Oracle Order Management module and created and executed scheduled script for auto renewal of Service Contracts. Performed extensive sanity checks over the weekend to ensure seamless deployment and minimal downtime of the system.


  • Reduced contract processing time considerably thereby improving performance by 53%
  • Achieved significant improvements in operational efficiency due to process automation.

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