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Improve User Experience & Performance of an Existing MDM Product

Xoriant Marketing
Engineering - MDM Product

Xoriant dramatically improved the usability and increased the performance (by 300%) of this large global bank’s MDM solution – without disrupting the existing ecosystem.


Key Challenge


Like many financial firms, this client – a large global bank – relied on a licensed master data management (MDM) product customized for their backend data management needs. But the performance of the product fell fall short of the bank’s expectations, requiring significant data processing time. And the user experience was cumbersome and frustrating. Those performance issues and a frustrating user experience caused lost time and decreased productivity for the bank.
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Xoriant helped the bank improve performance and usability issues while maintaining the bank’s investment in the product, making no changes to the backend MDM features.

  • UI/UX - Redesigned the user interface in Ext JS, reducing the number of screens in each module from more than 10 to 3, created Dashboards for providing at-a-glance views.

  • Performance - Leveraged MongoDB to organize dynamic data in a structured manner, redesigned the data upload process to be an asynchronous process performed in the background.
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  • Increased functionality and rich user experience by reducing number of screens by 73%
  • Improved performance of 40 minutes per million records by 300%
  • Leveraged the existing investment in the MDM product by integrating the new-and-improved application into the bank’s existing BPM ecosystem Know More >>

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