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Drive Engaging Experiences With Digital Strategy And Innovation

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To meet customer expectations for engaging digital experiences, many tech companies are reinventing themselves and re-engineering their products and infrastructures. This level of transformation requires considerable time and resources to ideate, collaborate, and strategize across disciplines to generate a continuous stream of new ideas.

Xoriant brings engineering expertise honed over decades of working with fast-track tech clients to help you innovate to keep pace with changing customer requirements and emerging technologies.

Key Focus Areas

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Ideate, Experiment and Build Faster

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Companies need to turn concepts into applications in days - not months – using rapid development approaches like Agile and DevOps.

Rapid prototyping and delivery of software will help you reach customers and enter new markets.

8 Essential Steps of PoC

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- Identify business cases and technology,
- Measure current performance baselines,
- Set future proof performance goals,
- Run your POC project,
- Track your metrics,
- Present results to stakeholders,
- Set your investment levels and
- Transition the PoC to an active project list

Business fit, user acceptance, IT interoperability, and financial good sense make a good PoC.

Evaluating Emerging Technology?

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Selecting the newest shiny object is not the way to go. Take the time to perform rigorous due diligence for fit, form, function and any partners that could accelerate your project when needed.

Emerging tech unleashes a cycle of increasing consumer expectations, and increasing revenue opportunities.

Why Invest in Tech Consulting?

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Technology consulting and implementation revenue is expected to grow at an annual rate of 7.1%, reaching a market volume of US $ 73,299.2 Mn by 2025. Why? The rush to adopt new technologies incurs risks companies can’t take in this economy. Your competitors are signing on the dotted line to help ensure success. Should you?

Source: Statista

Revenue in IT Consulting & Implementation segment is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2027) of 6.28%.

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