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Manage Major Infrastructural And Security Challenges With Xoriant Cloud and Security "Everything-As-Code" Automation Frameworks

Xoriant Marketing

Client Background

  • The client is a leader in Demand Side Platforms (DSP) For Programmatic Advertising with a global footprint of 11 datacenters with over 5000+ systems and 60 PB of Hadoop data
  • The company faced difficulties managing load balancing and server weights for 7000+ internal DNS records, leading to reliability issues

Xoriant Solution

  • Architected and deployed 70% of automated DevSecOps lifecycle using homegrown solution
  • Improved infrastructure, monitoring and security through Infrastructure as Code, Monitoring as Code and Security as Code

Key Benefits

  • Reduced $150,000 in annual spend
  • Delivered 80% reduction in threats and attacks

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