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Xoriant iPhone Application for Realtors

A location based iOS app helped client to provide realtors to showcase/sell residential and commercial properties on the go, filtered based on location and other factors.

Key Requirements

  • The client vision for the application was to provide a platform where the participating Realtors® could list his or her available properties for a particular area, while also browse through the listing based on their requirements on the other hand. Users could access information on the estate by querying the RETS server, based on the search criteria. Our client wanted to build a general-purpose search capability that could also extend to the other verticals. Know More >>

Key Contributions

  • Xoriant’s team worked closely with the client to understand the requirements & created an engagement roadmap. The engagement roadmap was planned with due consideration to engagement objectives & some key decisions were taken early in the engagement cycle.
  • Xoriant was involved in complete SDLC process in building the application on the iPhone, following the agile execution methodology to meet demands of evolving requirements without compromise on the client’s Time-to-Market goals. Know More >>


  • Our client was able to launch the beta version of the product in 1 month and it was widely accepted by user community. Xoriant’s experience on working in mobile applications and the specific domain were keys to achieve this tight timeline for mobile application development
  • User interface was implemented of using human interface guidelines from Apple. User experience was well received after the beta launch. Xoriant provided simple and highly cost effective solution to our client by incorporating open-source and free technologies. Know More >>

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