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WordPower - Google Glass Application

Xoriant Marketing
WordPower- Google Glass Appplication

WordPower - Google Glass Application

A Dictionary aplication on Google glass, making it one of the early applications to be launched on Google Glass and enriching the client' app portfolio to include wearables.

Key Requirement

  • Developing Google Glass rendering UI such as static cards and on-touch scrollable cards; which are very much unlike the normal smartphone screen
  • Xoriant’s Contributions in the Engagement Identifying and seamlessly integrating an open dictionary/ thesaurus
  • Integrating native features with 3rd party engine to enable seamless and error free vision tracking capabilities. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Developed a rich and intuitive UI for a new, unique wearable technology effectively using the Glass development kit with on-voice-command activation function
  • Integrated seamlessly the native camera features with an augmented reality engine for vision based tracking of words
  • Built static cards for each word being detected by 3rd party engine’s words list. Each card was scrollable on swiping the touchpad horizontally. Know More >>


  • Client had the first mover advantage to have their simple, unique and highly useful application that operates on Google Glass
  • Successful implementation of this application led the client to further opportunities for integrating this app features with their other educational course offerings and thus increase their foot-print. Know More >>

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