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Middleware Telecom Products Case Study

Improved efficiency of real-time distribution of targeted mobile carrier promotions pushed on Smartphone’s and Tablets along with increased scalability and enhanced performance of the ad rendering platform by 30%.

Key Requirement

  • Client’s messaging solution added EAIF, MM1, MM3, MM4 & MM7 protocol support for services related to VASP/subscribers Hence, functionality needed to be tested thoroughly for protocol standards compliance.
  • End GA release heavily relied in the automated testing of these protocols
  • Perform functional, regression & compatibility testing to support multiple platforms/OS’s. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Our Client needed development and software engineering services from a company that it could trust to deliver on time and within budget. The company had worked with Xoriant Corporation in the past, and knew it had an excellent reputation for designing, building, testing and integrating business critical solutions. In addition, by embracing an offshore development model, the Client expected to drastically reduce costs. Xoriant team came together to deliver all the requirements from the Client.
  • Xoriant’s offshore development model solved the Client's budget and timeline problems by offering a large, knowledgeable and cost-effective team dedicated to deliver a top-notch product on time and for much less money than a U.S. based team would have cost. By creating a custom workflow engine, the team was able to develop strong business logic in a very short time, eliminating the existing product's problem. Know More >>


  • Achieved 95% SLA compliance for all products and customers 2. Reduced a number of critical/major cases by 80%. Know More >>

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