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Website Development Using Drupal CMS

Xoriant Marketing
Website Development using Drupal

Website Development Using Drupal CMS

A responsive web portal for client in entertainment industry with video streaming, live news feed and integration with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube with 10, 000 concurrent user engagement.

Key Requirements

  • Managing the huge archives of data available in multiple formats and in multiple databases was the primary challenge
  • Incorporating features like video streaming, live newsfeed related to the event, live chat, etc. in order to make the website more dynamic and engage users
  • Integrating content from social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Used HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery to build website with the dynamic features such as video streaming, live newsfeed, etc. to incorporate all the requirement
  • Created a responsive website using and Theme Key tool – a Theme Rendering Technique which provided different effect on desktop and on hand-held devices and rendered multi-browser compatibility to the website
  • Created functional templates of the UI which was integrated with the Drupal 7 CMS customized by Xoriant team. Know More >>


  • Reduction in page load time by 2 seconds due to the dynamic caching technique
  • Increase in ‘Recency’ rate of the website by 40% because of the responsive UI created resulting in reduced page load time on different devices. Know More >>

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