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Video Conversion Mobile Application on Android Smartphones and Tablets

Increased 30% customer base by creating an Android application to convert videos (MP4, WMV,FLV, etc) and images (JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc) in different formats for smartphones and tablets with streaming functionality

Key Requirement

  • To ensure that the application can be easily modified to follow the standards of and incorporate the incremental features of new Android OS releases in different makes of tablets and smartphones.
  • To provide the same user experience for video streaming as provided by the flash player in the web application.
  • To provide support for different video formats like MPEG-TS, etc. supported on different Android versions. Know More >>

Key Contribution

  • Used project library tools and implemented Wrapper modules to accelerate application development and to incorporate features of the current OS in the application while maintaining backward compatibility with lower OS version.
  • Performed an intensive research to select the best fit protocols for streaming videos for devices with different OS versions. RTSP was used for Android 2.3 and less while HLS was selected for higher versions, thus obtaining a high quality video streaming matching the standards of flash player streaming on the web application.
  • Developed different library tools to convert video from the existing MP4 format videos to different video formats supported by the Android OS versions. Know More >>


  • Improved customer base by over 30% post launch of the mobile application on smartphones and tablets.
  • Achieved faster time to market which provided the client a first mover advantage by adhering to aggressive release schedules. Know More >>

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