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Video Conferencing Portal Development and Migration

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Video conferencing portal development and migration

Video Conferencing Portal Development and Migration

Upgraded clients existing application, a video collaboration solution, to the newer version of ExtJS, and added new user centric features like video conferencing and conference recording to enhance application performance.

Key Requirements

  • Enhance the user experience in line with the application interface for easy navigation.
  • Incorporate management feature which will allow user to group up pools of different routers and routing algorithm to create priority lists.
  • Modify server side handling process and database structures to accommodate several new functionality. Know More >>

Key Contributions

  • Implemented new feature called “router pools” in Super module, which is used for network configuration, these pools can now be managed for different routers and routing algorithm.
  • Developed an Admin module, which is used for managing virtual meeting rooms and video conferencing and conference recording related settings.
  • Implemented CSRF Spring Security feature for admin module to keep data secured at a centralized location using Java Spring and Hibernate. Know More >>


  • Reduced processing time by 20% with changed procedure of saving the information in database instead of creating xml on each change.
  • Increased efficiency by 30% due to simplification of modules and namespacing. Know More >>

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